Natuvion is a SAP Gold Partner consulting company that focuses on S/4HANA transformations including Data Protection, and Privacy Management.

For the last three years, Natuvion has focused on transformations and implementing GDPR compliance with SAP systems and has run over 100 GDPR workshops in cooperation with SAP across multiple cities around the world.


sap rec.JPG


  1. SAP Recognized Experts in S/4HANA Transformations, Security and GDPR

  2. SAP Co-Innovation Partner for Data Protection and Privacy Technology

  3. Partnered with SAP on a multi-city program of GDPR customer workshops

  4. Founders of the only CIO-Competence-Center in Berlin

  5. Unique program managers with significant SAP program management and in addition CIPM/CIPP/E certification drives successful GDPR, ILM and Consent implementations

  6. During three years of successful GDPR implementations, Natuvion developed multiple accelerators that expedite GDPR compliance.