Reduce GDPR Implementation Time by Subscribing to Natuvion's TDA Engine

"Test-Data-Anonymization and Production-System-Pseudonymization Engine."

Article 25 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) communicates requirements for data-privacy-by-design and data-privacy by-default.  GDPR encourages “pseudonymization” of personal data to meet these requirements. In fact, they create incentives to pseudonymize the data by relaxing several requirements on controllers that use the technique. In addition, when you use anonymity with real data in test, QA and training systems are no longer relevant for GDPR compliance.

Natuvions TDA Engine for anonymizing and pseudonymizing data in SAP systems is the first application available in USA officially certified for GDPR. 

By using TDA, your company can quickly achieve data privacy by design and default.

  • GDPR Certified
  • Runs on all SAP Business Suite systems
  • Designed for High Performance / Big Data
  • Runs on BW / BI Systems
  • Integrated with SAP ILM for BW Systems
  • Predefined Data Models and automatic data model analysis (personal data search)
TDA is the first application certified for GDPR

TDA is the first application certified for GDPR

Utilities and Telco, Manufacturing, Insurance, Health Care, Banking, Retail, Railway, Mining, Automotive, Tech and Software

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