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Considerations for choosing the right privacy tech vendor

Some organizations and SAP users choose to use a privacy tech vendor like Natuvion’s CIO-competence-center to help them achieve compliance. Five areas of support include;

  1. Privacy Assessment Management and Privacy Program Management Creation

  2. Data Search and Mapping

  3. De-identification or pseudonymization

  4. DSR (Data Subject Rights Processing

  5. Consent Management

The International Association of Privacy Professionals is policy neutral and they are the world’s largest information privacy organization. Below is a list of four items they recommend you consider when selecting the right privacy tech vendor;

  1. Working in partnership with law firms

  2. Privacy office budget

  3. Involvement of IT/CIO in decision making and implementation

  4. Ability to keep up with a rapidly changing legal regulations AND rapidly changing SAP technology

Typically privacy tech vendors are broken into two categories; The first is privacy program management (focused on privacy processes) and the second is enterprise program management (focused on technical items).

Natuvion is the the only SAP privacy tech vendor that consolidates both suites of privacy management into one competence center. To learn more contact us here.

Natuvion Partners with SAP Hybris to put more focus on GDPR consent.

Natuvion Partners with SAP Hybris to put more focus on GDPR consent.

The demand for companies to give their customers complete control over their personal data has never been higher especially with the new General Data Protection Regulations in place. Natuvion has now formed a partnership with SAP Hybris (formerly known as Gigya) to help businesses build trusted relationships with their customers by giving them full control of their personal data and preferences through their GDPR consent.