What SAP applications help with Right of Access?

Challenge You Highlighted:  What SAP tools help with Right of Access - Article 15? 

Art. 15 “Right of access by the data subject” - The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller confirmation as to whether or not gdpr personal data concerning him or her are being processed, and, if that is the case, access to the gdpr personal data plus other details.  There are other examples too.


Information Retrieval Framework - Generic Smart Search.  We have attached the SAP notes for you to this FAQ.    Note 1.  Note 2.

This tool should be free of charge.

Why use consultants from our pool:

Using SAP IRF together with our blueprints and data models, quickly identify GDPR-protected gdpr personal data across heterogeneous landscapes.  IRF needs a set of data models.  You do have the option to build your own, which takes a significant amount of time and testing or use our pre-built ones.

More Info:

The Information Retrieval Framework (IRF) allows you to search for and retrieve all gdpr personal data of a specified data subject. The search results are displayed in a comprehensive and structured list containing all gdpr personal data of the data subject specified, subdivided according to the purpose for which the data was collected and processed.  

With the GDPR you have one month to provide the information.

Prior to implementation of IRF the fastest time we saw on projects was 41 day.

Do we need ILM to use Generic Smart Search?

NO!  IRF uses ILM objects for the data model. HOWEVER you can also use it without ILM activation.  You must set up the data models manually. 

For more information on how to use General Smart Search contact joanne.lang@natuvion.com.