What is a SAP Gold Partner, why is this important for The GDPR?

What is a SAP Gold Partner and why is this important for SAP systems and the GDPR?

Globally, SAP partners are formally classified into three categories – Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


Natuvion is a long-standing SAP Gold Partner.  Gold is reserved for the very best partners based upon the following criteria:

  1. Reference customers
  2. Certifications (technical, support, and sales)
  3. Proven resources for marketing, sales, consulting, and customer support
  4. Support service level
  5. License sales revenue
  6. Marketing activity

Very few partners adhere to the high standards demanded by SAP, a 2-3 month audit process is undertaken by SAP, which involves checking the help desk procedure, technical certifications and skills of all staff, documentation levels, terms/conditions etc. Choosing a Gold partner, ensures you are working with one of SAP’s most elite partners, qualified in every aspect of consultancy, support and training, thus providing the ultimate peace of mind that you will get the very best value from your SAP investment

Natuvion is also an exclusive SAP Innovation Partner for Data Protection and Privacy. 

Over the last three years and working directly with SAP, Natuvion was the partner of choice to run hundreds of GDPR one-day workshops.  The output of each workshop was a customized GDPR road-map and action plan.

Need help to generate your company's GDPR Roadmap?  Schedule a one-day workshop here.