Is GDPR consent required for the use of anonymous data?


Anonymous data is not personal data for the purposes of GDPR, therefore no GDPR consent is required.  For market research purposes "anonymous data" may be used without restriction (that means no consent)!  Use anonymization technology in your SAP test, QA and demo systems to reduce your workload for the GDPR compliance.

(Quick tip | for pseudonymous data, this applies with restrictions being that the affected person must be informed. Therefore, this can be considered with SAP production systems and BigData (SAP Business Warehouse/Analytics) Evaluations). However our experience is using this technology still reduces your GDPR project timelines.

In cases where anonymization and pseudonymization cannot be used and GDPR consent must be given, it is important to know that consent is an agreement between a data subject and a controller, in which the data subject formally agrees to the processing of personal data — via a signature or by actively clicking on a checkbox. SAP Business Suite supports the documentation of consent with two features: the Marketing Permissions feature in the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application and the Marketing Permissions feature for customer master data available with SAP NetWeaver 7.40.

More information 

Anonymization and pseudonymization are two terms that have been in focus since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR].  The GDPR recognizes the privacy-enhancing effect of anonymization and pseudonymization technologies by providing exceptions to many of the most burdensome provisions of the regulation when steps are taken to de-identify personal data. By making it impossible or impractical to connect personal data to a data subject (EU Person), data controllers, and processors are permitted to use, process, and publish this unrecognizable personal information in any reasonable way.  Natuvion has one of the first officially certified anonymization and pseudonymization engines for SAP and non-SAP landscapes that can make your GDPR consent verification requirements for SAP test and QA systems be in full compliance.  Contact us for more information.