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Cyber Security Webinar: Test Data Anonymization

As data security and data privacy experts within SAP, Natuvion presents a solution to help comply with data protection conformity. Pressure to create data protection conformity persistently increases as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline draws closer.

Our Test Data Anonymization tool (TDA) offers the possibility to eliminate the standard method of SAP Test, training, and/or project systems being built on a complete copy of the production system. The problem with this method is that fragile and comprehensive data is easily accessible for internal and external employees to see. Therefore, it puts companies at risk of costly fines for breaches of GDPR. For companies to avoid this, Natuvion offers the TDA tool that can quickly test data completely anonymized, allowing data to be protected.

In this webinar, we will explain why data should be anonymized as well as the scope and key features. We will also go through an example of how this tool works, along with how a typical implementation takes place.

We look forward to your attendance and answering any questions you have!

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